Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29th: More Herbs, Less Salt Day

It's no secret that too much salt is bad for your health. Don't despair though because you would be amazed at what you can do with herbs and seasonings in place of salt to liven up your dishes without sacrificing flavor. Here are some suggestions:

  • Garlic powder: Use in meats, poultry,fish, vegetables, salads, soups, and stews. 
  • Nutmeg: Use in vegetables and meats. 
  • Onion powder: Use in meats, poultry, seafood, soups, and salads. 
  • Paprika: Use in meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables. 
  • Saffron: Use in breads, snacks, soups, stews, poultry, seafood, sauces, and rice. 
  • Cayenne pepper: Use in meats, poultry, stews, and sauces. 
  • Chili powder: Use in meats, poultry, vegetable, fish and stews. 
  • Cinnamon: Use in salads, vegetables, breads, and snacks. 
  • Clove: Use in soups, salads, and vegetables. 
  • Cumin: Use in meats and poultry. 
  • Curry powder: Use in meats, shellfish, and vegetables. 
Fresh herbs:
  • Basil: Use in soups, salads, vegetables, fish, and meats. 
  • Cilantro: Use in meats, sauces, stews, and rice. 
  • Dill: Use in fish, soups, salads, and vegetables. 
  • Marjoram: Use in soups, salads, vegetables, beef, fish, and poultry. 
  • Chives: Use in meats, poultry, seafood, soups, and salads. 
  • Oregano: Use in soups, salads, vegetables, meats, and poultry. 
  • Parsley: Use in salads, vegetables, fish, and meats. 
  • Sage: Use in soups, salads, vegetables, meats, and poultry. 
  • Thyme: Use in salads, vegetables, fish, and poultry. 
(Article courtesy of Urban Cultivator)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28th: Race Your Mouse Day

Yes, believe it or not, Race Your Mouse (Around The Icons) Day is an actual holiday. Not sure how to celebrate it? Well, here you go!

1. Prepare your mouse. Give your mouse a good clean. Clean the mouse-pad too while you're at it. Check your mouse cursor. Still happy with it? Or is this a good opportunity for an upgrade to something a little funkier?

2. Find something that needs doing on your computer. Use this as a good opportunity to do some application or program updating that you've been putting off because you can't stand just staring at the screen while it happens. Get it rolling. Really slow-to-load web pages are also a good choice. Try any webpage aimed at providing you with answers about why your taxation refund hasn't arrived still. Note, it needs to be something that allows you to a) see your desktop; and b) still move your mouse. If this isn't possible, lose the program sprucing and just start mousing.

3. Race around the desktop nabbing icons with your mouse. If you're not sure that going around in circles, or squares, or whatever shape you're tracing over your icons with the mouse cursor is fulfilling enough for you, try to smarten up the experience with a few added hurdles: Try following patterns, such as skipping some icons but not others. Or try to trace out the shapes of animals, food, favorite computer symbols using the icons positioned as they are. Use mathematical formulas to work out which icons to touch and not touch on. Randomly click on an unused icon now and then. Once it opens, have the mouse chase around anything of interest on the opened item, then click close again and return to desktop mousing. Alternatively, take a penalty for every accidentally opened icon or drop-down box. Think up any other amusing ways to prolong your procrastination.

4. Feel peppy. Apparently that is a standard requirement following chasing your icons.

5. Focus on the rest of your day. You can always resume chasing the icons around with your mouse whenever the desire takes you.

(Article courtesy of Wiki How)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27th: Just Because Day

Don't you love it when someone surprises you with something special "just because"? It makes you happy, doesn't it? Well, take the opportunity today to pay it forward. You'll be SO glad you did.

1. Make your spouse’s favorite meal.  Just because you love your spouse, surprise him or her after a long day at work with his favorite meal. He works hard for your family and deserves a little appreciation.

2. Write letters to your children. Your children are the center of your world. Most of your daily tasks and activities center around your kids. Spend some time and write them letters letting them know just how much you love and care for them. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to let them know that you love them and are proud of their accomplishments.

3. Call a long-lost friend. Take the time to call a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time. You don’t need a reason to call. Just say hello and see how her life is going. Rekindling a friendship can be one of the best ways to celebrate this unique holiday.

4. Visit a sick, lonely or depressed individual. There are people all around us who are facing challenging and difficult times. Take some time out of your busy schedule to visit them and offer them encouraging and uplifting words. An unexpected visit from a friend can turn someone’s day completely around. Be that friend and help bring a little sunshine to a gloomy day.

5. Enjoy a delicious dessert. It doesn’t have to be a birthday, anniversary or a holiday to enjoy a delicious dessert. Just because you love sweets and sugar, enjoy a delicious treat that will ignite your taste buds. You can make a yummy treat yourself or go to a nearby bakery or restaurant and order something that is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

6. Start a new project. If there is a project or a hobby that you have always wanted to try, today is the perfecting starting point. Why? Just because. Today, you really don’t need a reason to do the things that you do. Put off the things of lesser importance on your to-do list and enjoy starting something new.

(Article courtesy of Family Share)

Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26th: National Dog Day

Woof woof! It's National Dog Day! Wouldn't you love to have one of these adorable little guys? Awwwww...

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